Not everyone enjoys learning – I’d like to change that.

I know I’m not your typical learner: most kids don’t choose to take night school, summer school, and Saturday school on top of their regular school day just for fun; and most adults don’t choose to pursue four university degrees for a little more fun. For better or for worse, my less-than-standard approach to learning has led me into a lot of classrooms and online learning environments. These experiences have helped me develop a sixth sense for what makes good learning solutions and the faith that everyone can truly enjoy learning.

My pathway to a career in learning experience design was winding: I bounced back and forth between careers in biochemistry and education more times than I would like to admit before reading an online blog about instructional design/learning experience design. For once I had no hesitation about a career choice. I jumped right in with both feet and have never looked back.

In my Master’s of Instructional Design and Technology, we developed using Captivate and supplemented this with a bit of the Creative Cloud Suite (Premiere Pro, Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign). However, my passion for learning led me to explore additional tools so that I could offer multiple options for creating learning experiences. I have extensive experience in Storyline, Rise, Vyond, and Camtasia. I have also worked in Blender, After Effects, and ZapWorks AR. My upcoming goals involve enhancing my skills in the previous, as well as working in Adapt, Evolve, iSpring, Lectora, and Adobe Animate.

Aside from my voracious appetite for learning, the most well-known thing about me is that I enjoy knitting. One of the least known things about me is that my favourite desert is frozen peas. Yes, while they are still frozen. Try it, you won’t regret it!