Goals 2019: A-to-Z of ID

The word goals on note pad stuck on blank colorful paper

[Editorial note: I originally planned to post this in January, but it took a little longer than expected to get my website off the ground… sorry for such a late ‘New Years’ post]

After completing my master’s in Instructional Design and Technology at the end of 2018, I decided to make some learning experience design goals for myself for 2019… before I got used to having free time again. I know my goals are ambitious, but I’m an eager beaver with extra time on my hands!

I’ve decided to make my list of goals according to the alphabet. I thought it would be hard to come up with an idea for each letter – instead I found it difficult to choose between several ideas for the same letter. I finally narrowed down my list to a series of goals that will stretch me and shape me as an instructional designer this year.

My list

A Adapt (rapid eLearning tool)

B Blogging about ID

C Character Animator

D Design (visual design)

E Evolve (rapid eLearning tool)

F Feedback (develop highly personalized feedback strategies)

G Gamification (learn more about it and see if it’s for me)

H Heroes (continue doing eLearning heroes challenges)

I Illustrator

J Join ID communities

K Keynote summaries (post summaries of keynotes from conferences)

L Lectora

M Meetings (attend 2-3, including online summits with the eLearning guild)

N Negative space (make better use of it)

O Objectives (improve construction of objectives)

P Photoshop

Q Quality over quantity (despite a manager’s desires)

R Research (continue to research in the field of ID)

S SME wrangling (develop skills to get the most out of my SMEs)

T Talk (present a talk at a conference)


V Variety (stretch my capabilities of design and development)

W Writing (improve specific aspects – for example remembering to use contractions)

X Xerox (“steal” from other professions, e.g., marketing – AIDA, WIIFM, etc.)

Y YouTube (update my channel)

Z Zapworks

What items to you have on your list of goals for 2019?