Instructional design

Close up of instructional designers brainstorming

Designing Learning?

The Debate There is still quite a bit of debate over the term ‘learning experience designer’ (LXD). The intent of the term was to distinguish L&D professionals who design by considering the entire learning experience rather than focusing only on the content (Read Connie Malamed’s article, for more details about…

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E-learning and Online Education for Student and University Concept. Graphic interface showing technology of digital training course for people to do remote learning from anywhere.

Interaction Cost

I recently read an article that Patti Shank wrote back in 2020 about ways to reduce the challenges that learners face when learning from smaller screens. The entire article was fascinating, but for me there was a single section that stood out the most: interaction cost. The reason this topic…

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The word goals on a note pad

My Instructional Design Goals for 2020

Unlike last year, I am aiming for quality over quantity when it comes to my instructional design goal setting. I also am choosing a new format. Rather than A-to-Z goals, I am splitting my goals into categories: Research, Design, Development, and Community. In each category, I will keep my goals…

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Inductive Learning (aka Concept Attainment)

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for a magazine article (for OHS Canada). I had a wonderful conversation with Marcel Vander Wier about education and training in occupational health and safety. Although we discussed many topics, the most noteworthy topic was inductive learning (also known…

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