Celebrating Bianca Andreescu (#249)

After a long hiatus from eLearning Heroes Challenges, this is my second one in a row. I’d forgotten how much I love doing these. For this challenge, I thought I’d do a project on Bianca Andreescu – I am Canadian after all!

This portfolio piece was created for the eLearning Heroes Challenge #249 (Creating light and dark versions of eLearning templates), which required the creation of light and dark versions of a set of slides. Instead of having two separate series of slides, I decided to add a slider so each slide could be compared directly, light and dark.

I found this very helpful to identify the types of slides that look good dark and those that look good light. For example, slides with lots of writing look good on a light background because it is easier to read, while quotes or short bits of writing look good on a dark background which gives a bit of emphasis.

p.s. These are not actual photos of Bianca, they are just stock images.

Launch Presentation