Getting Back Into It (#242 and #329)

Well, 2020 was a tough year and so far 2021 has been more of the same. Hopefully we will soon be looking at covid-19 in the rear-view mirror.

During this time I’ve dealt with several other major life hurdles, but I’m back again – hopefully I will be able to blog more regularly going forward.

Today I thought I’d create something for the eLearning Heroes Challenge. This piece marks my (second) return to completing the eLearning Heroes Challenges after a long hiatus.

I combined two challenges:

  • Use Audio, Music, and Sound Effects in eLearning (242)
  • Using Video Backgrounds in eLearning (329)

I originally planned on creating something only for #329, but I felt the finished project needed a little something extra. After adding in the audio, I thought it would be a nice little piece for challenge #242 as well.

I wanted to make use of video for two purposes.

  1. To set the scene: this was accomplished with the introductory video.
  2. To add a bit of interest to the background of the main content: I chose something that was interesting but not so interesting that it distracted from the content or caused cognitive overload.

Additionally, I chose an inductive style of content presentation. Although typically this would include more detailed feedback, I wanted to keep this quite simple for the challenge.

When it comes to technical challenges, I addressed the continuous video and audio playback by creating a single layer course, with different visibility settings for each layer to ensure the background video and audio continued to play while new content was presented.

I hope you enjoy it!

Launch Presentation